Amazing Athletes

"A place where every child's heart grows and

blooming_heart_child_development_center001005.jpg blooming_heart_child_development_center013005.jpg hearts-floating.gif

need the freedom

and time to play.

Play is not a luxury.

Play is a necessity.

~Kay Redfield Jamison
Shawn Kenny designed this program specifically to enhance your child’s learning experience through movement At Amazing Athletes your child will learn the basic fundamentals and mechanics of 9 different sports while building self-confidence ,practicing teamwork and improving their fine and gross-motor skills. He is excellent with young children and provides them with a weekly 45 minute instructional class. The class will include the following sports:
Baseball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Hockey and Tennis. We have had Coach Kenny come in and do a demonstration class with the children, and they all enjoyed his approach. He provides a fun and developmentally appropriate program. He would like to come to BH one morning per week for the Summer Program, a total of eight weeks. We are proud to have him come to our school!

We have signed a contract with Coach Kenny and are obligated to fulfill it. As with the swim program, there will be no refunds. Also, a formal permission slip will follow your payment.
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