Karate Lessons

Master Kyle is a Karate instructor in Somerville. He is excellent with young children and provides them with a weekly 45 minute instructional class. They focus on blance, gross motor coordination, listening skills and then work into "kicks" all while having a lot of fun. We have had Master Kyle come in and do a demonstration class with the children, and they all enjoyed his approach. He provides a fun and developmentally appropriate program. He will come to BHCDC one morning per week for the Summer program, a total of eight to ten weeks. He gives each child a t -shirt (that they should wear on Karate days) and provides a "graduation" ceremony at the completion of the program. We are proud to have him come to our school.

Please call our daycare for detailed information on registration and sign-up deadline. We have a signed contract with Master Kyle and are obligated to fulfill it therefore there will be NO REFUNDS. A formal permission slip will follow your deposit.

"A place where every child's heart grows and

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This is for every camper no matter how
many days you attend per week. It will cover all the extras that summer camp offers.

5 days per week: $210.00 week

3 days per week: $155.00 week

2 days per week: $130.00 week

(Prices do not include $210.00 Registration fee)
Any questions, please contact us.
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