Main objective:

Here the "Theme Curriculum" is pivotal. This curriculum sets the stage for the school for special holidays, historic events, etc. Material is created by the teacher for her group. It includes Units of Material on such topics as: Community, Science, Health, Holidays, Etc. “The Creative Curriculum for Preschool” is also used for curriculum.

These children will be reinforcing math concepts. An awareness of sound-symbol relationships (phonics) is introduced using the Wilson Language Phonic program “Fundations”. The purpose of this program is to help your child identify each sound in a word to help him/her decode better.

Our objectives are:
• Key Learning Experiences
• Cognitive
• Reading skills
• Math
• Science
• Social Skills
• Working/playing in a group situation

"A place where every child's heart grows and

blooming_heart_child_development_center001005.jpg blooming_heart_child_development_center007002.jpg hearts-floating.gif
There's nothing

that can help you

understand your beliefs

more than trying
to explain them
to an inquisitive child.
~Frank A. Clark
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