Preschool II

"A place where every child's heart grows and

blooming_heart_child_development_center001005.jpg blooming_heart_child_development_center006002.jpg hearts-floating.gif
There are no

seven wonders of

the world

in the eyes of a child.

  There are seven million.

~Walt Streightiff
Main Objective:

The Intermediate II class is for children that are potty trained and will be entering kindergarten in two years. Opportunities are given to the children to demonstrate their newly developed self help skills. Play continues to be parallel (next to a peer) or with one or two other children. As they learn to share and take turns, the teachers will guide them to practice problem-solving and conflict resolution. Three year olds are encouraged to speak in simple sentences as they interact and describe experiences. As their attention span increases, longer activities are planned. Children in the Preschool II class learn at their own pace, in their own way, through developmentally appropriate practices in a creative and structured environment
Key Learning Experiences
Basic Life Skills
Large and small muscle development
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