Reading Program

This requires no special permission, no extra fees and minimal paperwork! We ask only for your support! It will be an incentive/reward based reading program for camp kids to participate in. Although we do believe that children should read for the LOVE of reading it's difficult to compete with video games and computers! That is the reason why it's incentive based. This is for both readers and children who are just beginning to learn so everyone is included! We hope to carry through the summer the learned or emerging reading skills each child has and enhancing them by inviting them to read!

"A place where every child's heart grows and

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This is for every camper no matter how
many days you attend per week. It will cover all the extras that summer camp offers.

5 days per week: $210.00 week

3 days per week: $155.00 week

2 days per week: $130.00 week

(Prices do not include $210.00 Registration fee)
Any questions, please contact us.

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