Swimming Program

Swimming lessons will be available to the children of Blooming Hearts Child Development Center (BHCDC) through the Hillsborough Racquet Club. The specifics are as follows: This is open to all children of BHCDC ages 3+ that are totally potty trained! They will be bussed by a private bussing company between BHCDC and the Hillsborough Racquet Club (HRC). Three staff members of BHCDC will escort the children on the bus and will remain at the HRC for the entire time. They will be in the water with the children and will assist them in the bathrooms.

Swimming lessons will be for a 1/2 hour and a free swim session will follow for a 1/2 hour. This is an eight to ten week program. Please call our daycare for detailed information on registration and sign-up deadline. We have a signed contract with both the HRC and the private bussing company therefore there will be NO REFUNDS. A formal permission slip will follow your deposit.

"A place where every child's heart grows and

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This is for every camper no matter how
many days you attend per week. It will cover all the extras that summer camp offers.

5 days per week: $210.00 week

3 days per week: $155.00 week

2 days per week: $130.00 week

(Prices do not include $210.00 Registration fee)
Any questions, please contact us.
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